Sun-dried tomatoes, capers, vegetable and fish specialities in oil and tapas products.

Saffron, herb mixes and herbs for dips. A range of sea salt.

Oils & vinegars

Olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Nut oils, dressings, flavoured oils and vinegars.


Green and black olives in water. Marinated mixed olives made using natural ingredients.

Pasta, rice & flour

Fresh pasta made with free-range eggs and dried pasta. Pasta & pizza flour and a range of rice.

The traditional Spanish Gazpacho soup, various soups and sauces, stocks, mustards and cremonaise.

Various types of tapenade, bruschetta and pesto produced using classic recipes.

Italian tramezzini bread, various breadsticks and mini breadsticks, crackers, toasts and croutons.

A wide range of Italian truffle products and dried and preserved fungi.

A distinctive range of primarily Italian and Spanish meat products.

Traditional biscuits, dulce de leche, chocolate, maple syrup, jams and other confectionery products.

Miscellaneous products

Several products which complete our range.