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Pasta, rice & flour

Pasta, rice & flour

Bergfood supplies fresh pasta made using free-range eggs and dried pasta in many shapes and flavours. We also offer pasta & pizza flour and a range of rice. Our producers use high-quality ingredients.

Antica Pasteria only uses fresh ingredients and free-range eggs in its fresh pasta. This obliges the manufacturer to use some traditional production methods. In order to obtain a traditional product, it is very important for certain processes to take place slowly.

Colavita uses high-quality hard wheat and produces a range of dried pasta which is among the best in Italy. Thanks to its outstanding cooking properties, it is supplied to the ready meals industry as well as catering wholesalers, chain stores and the retail trade.

Dalla Costa specialises in the production of traditional pasta made from hard wheat, with natural flavours and colours. Its specialities include themed pasta, such as Christmas and Easter shapes.

Riso Vignola is a renowned Italian company offering a wide range of rice varieties.