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Soups & sauces

Soups & sauces

Bergfood naturally supplies the traditional Spanish Gazpacho soup, together with a wide range of soups and sauces, stocks, mustards and cremonaise. Our producers have many years of experience in the production of these Mediterranean specialities.

The ready-made sauces from C'era 1 Volta brand are unique, pure and strong in flavor, like the recipe of an Italian grandmother!

Englert produces stocks and sauces of particularly high quality, which contain no artificial flavourings or preservatives.

Ferrer's Gazpacho soup is famous all over the world. The founder Josep Ferrer feels that everyone should be able to discover authentic Spanish cuisine without having to travel to Spain.

Edmond Fallot produces the original fine and coarse Dijon mustard in Beaune, the heart of the Bourgogne.

Naturamica produces delicious, fresh pasta sauces made using fresh, regional ingredients.

Quinta’s is based in Portugal. It produces various typically Portuguese spicy sauces and marinades, including a garlic purée.

Tuttovo is well known for its cremonaise with a classic creamy taste. The pasteurisation really brings out the best of the added ingredients, such as truffle, tuna and garlic.