Bergfood specialises in supplying Mediterranean products in the Benelux. Since 1981, we have been driven by our passion for Mediterranean delicacies. We know the wishes and requirements of Dutch and Belgian consumers and are always developing and seeking out new and innovative products to satisfy them. We regularly travel to countries such as Italy, Spain, Greece and Argentina to maintain personal contact with our producers and stay up to date with their products and production possibilities.

Everywhere in the Benelux

As we know each client personally, we can customise our range to suit specific requirements. Bergfood's major client groups include supermarkets, the ready meals industry and the food service industry. Restaurants, chain stores, specialist shops and catering companies ensure that our products are consumed and sold everywhere. As a result, Bergfood's Mediterranean food products have a broad presence in the Benelux.

Distribution and stock management

We can supply our wide range of products within the Benelux seven days a week, and sometimes just a few hours after you have placed your order or within 24 hours. For a specific client range, we can also provide custom solutions in the areas of distribution and stock management.