Bergfood certification

The BRC certification has a wonderful history. The British Retail Consortium created this certification in 1998 to make it easier to standardize Quality requirements. Where previously each company or retailer adopted its own quality requirements, the introduction of BRC provided a clear standard. Bergfood views the BRC certification as an ideal way to communicate transparently and honestly about quality. With this approach, we strive to obtain the best for the consumer and we understand the needs of the retail and food service like no other. We are proud to declare that Bergfood is certified level AA for BRC S&D!  Download the certificate via the link below:

BRC Certificate Bergfood

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Certification for Organic Nutrition

The SKAL Foundation was founded in 1985 under the name Foundation Ekomerk Control. Renamed SKAL in 1992, SKAL has been appointed as an independent supervisor by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation. Any company that wants to produce, process, package, import, trade, export or store organic products must be certified by SKAL. All companies are visited annually to maintain their certification. As Bergfood offers organic alternatives for all product categories, we are of course SKAL Certified. Download the certificate via the link below:

SKAL certificate Bergfood