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A delicious bowl of good quality olives goes so well together with a drink! Not forgetting of course that olives are also great seasoning in various dishes.

Green olives, black olives, small, large, pitted or seedless, with a delicious filling: everyone has a favorite. In our selection you will find olives from all over the Mediterranean region. From Italy, the Ligurian coast to be precise, we have the Taggiasca olives. They are small, naturally colourful and taste wonderfully sour. The Spanish Hojiblanca olive is a much-loved table olive and owes its name to the white leaf of the olive tree. The most famous Greek olive is the Kalamata. It is sturdy, large, dark purple coloured and is shaped much like an almond.

Italian, Spanish and Greek olives come in all shapes and sizes. They have one thing in common: they are all very exceedingly tasty and of the highest quality!

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