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Basil, thyme, rosemary, oregano, garlic: they all represent the quintessential aromas and flavours of Mediterranean cuisine. We also offer special spice mixes for pizza or preparing a delicious bruschetta or paella. These ‘tastemakers’ really provide the finishing touch to your meal! Of course, a nice pinch of sea salt should never be overlooked. Naturally you can choose from either a coarse or a fine variant, sourced from sun-drenched Sicily. Pine nuts have also become a firm favourite on our menu. They are a delicious addition to a nice wafer-thin carpaccio dish or as a tasty topping on a salad. 

Maple syrup is gaining popularity in our country. Pour it generously over pancakes or give a sweet twist to yogurt or ice cream!

The pastel de nata is a delicate Portuguese pastry that is winning people over every day. You can also serve deliciously sweet cantuccini, amaretti, savoiardi or panforte morbido with coffee. Italian treats for any time of day!

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