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Artisanal bakery products made with love and passion. Semenzato offers the most delicious bread for sandwiches and bruschetta!

Semenzato has already been a household name in Italy for four generations! Famous for their pane per tramezzini (freely translated as "sandwich bread without crust") and pane a fette (pre-sliced bread). This bread is not only recognized for its soft and creamy structure but also has a relatively long shelf life even when not chilled.

Different variants are available.

Pane per tramezzini is ideal for making sandwiches and snacks. Pane per bruschetta is a coarse, oval-shaped sliced bread with a crust which has been well-toasted. It is often used as the basis for the well-known bruschetta: toast topped with a mixture of tomato cubes, basil, olive oil and garlic. 

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