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Oil & Vinegar

We simply love pure, honest flavours! A simple piece of bread dipped into a first-class olive oil is a real treat. It should come as no surprise that Mediterranean cuisine is recognized as being one of the healthiest in the world. At its foundation, without any no doubt, is olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil, to be precise! Italian, Spanish, Greek: we have several wonderful varieties in our range.

In addition to olive oil, we also offer several delicious types of nut oil. For example, what do you think of walnut oil, hazelnut oil or sesame oil? Delicious additions to tasty dishes.

Furthermore, the genuine balsamic vinegar from Modena is of course not something to turn one’s nose up at and an excellent addition to many dishes. If you want to give a special twist to your dish, we can also recommend various infused wine vinegars, for example with truffle or raspberry.

Finally: vinaigrettes. Convenience and quality in a pretty bottle! Our vinaigrettes are made from extra virgin olive oil and first-class balsamic vinegar.

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