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Pasta, rice & flour

If the Italians are to be believed, eating pasta every day improves your quality of life. We believe them! We have several wonderful pasta brands within our range that all have one thing in common: they are made from first-class semolina from the best durum wheat. There are many different shapes and flavours available for delicious variety.

To prepare a tasty velvety risotto, three things are indispensable: much love, even more patience and good risotto rice! You will find both carnaroli and arborio rice in our selection.

Making our own pizza and pasta is also becoming an increasingly popular activity. Take a high-quality flour, roll up your sleeves and... knead! With such outstanding products, a high-end result is guaranteed, why not try it?

And what about the lesser known (but no less tasty) Italian polenta? The basis of this hearty fare is cornmeal, which is also part of our range.

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