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Soups, sauces & spreads

We love soups, hot or cold! We have several variants within our range. The traditional Spanish gazpacho, cold tomato soup, we also like to add beetroot or garlic to. Italian tomato soup with basil we much prefer to serve piping hot! The same goes for our forest mushroom soup and vegetable soup. If you are in the mood to serve up a somewhat more luxurious soup, we recommend the lobster bisque!


To prepare a delicious sauce full of flavour, use a pure, powerful stock. Our stocks are all artisanal and available in many different varieties. Apart from all the fresh pasta sauces made from natural ingredients, you can also count on us for a good bechamel sauce. Get your lasagna prep done in an instant!


From typical Portuguese spicy sauces such as piri-piri to Mexican salsa dip and guacamole, we have sauces from all over the world! From a little nearer to home, we have a delicious Dijon mustard, produced in the heart of Burgundy. Of course, aïoli could not be omitted from our range, any more than pesto and tapenade! They can no longer ignored and have earned their place alongside our primordial Dutch cuisine as well as for serving as snacks during your happy hour.

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