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Tomato Products

Anyone thinking about Mediterranean cuisine - and of Italian in particular – will automatically think of tomatoes. Quality tomatoes taste of the ripening sun and the tomatoes from Italy are world famous with good reason. Deep red and full of flavour, they are served in preserved form worldwide as a basic ingredient for pastas, pizzas and other culinary applications.

When you talk to an Italian, very soon the subject will turn to food. Italians are proud of their cuisine and passionate about their dishes, in which tomatoes play a central role. The name says it all: "pomodoro", i.e. "golden apple". No wonder, then, that farmers are doing everything they can to grow first-class tomatoes and thus maintain that authentic taste. They only choose the most fertile fields, use the best raw materials and do everything they can to preserve the natural freshness of the harvest.

There are so many delicious variations of tomato dishes that you will simply never run out of ideas! We have beautiful tomato products for every style of dish: peeled tomatoes, tomato sauce, tomato pulp and tomato concentrate. Buon appetito!

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